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Clayton J. Mitchell



Based in the SF Bay Area, Clayton captures your moments with a friendly, relaxed and artistic style. His philosophy is simple: the more you enjoy yourself, the better the pictures will look! As a photojournalist, Clayton is there to tell your story. As an artist, he is there to preserve the beauty and emotion of your day. Clayton’s unique photographic style developed through a wide range of experiences. His lifelong passion for photography led him to study art and photography in Italy, India and throughout the US, while developing his technical skills and refining his creative eye. He captures the shots you want without directing every moment, preferring instead to let the day unfold naturally. A professional photographer since 1996, he utilizes top of the line equipment and a modern digital darkroom to provide high quality, stunning imagery. Specializing in weddings, portraits and special events, Clayton produces images that you will treasure for years to come.

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  • Phone : (510) 812-8887