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Choose our award-winning DJ services where we specialize in making your event fun and memorable! Our experienced staff know how to get the crowd pumped and the party rockin’ all night long! We are a team of elite Bay Area Deejays who will help coordinate the most dynamic music and lighting designs/effects available. We work closely with you to orchestrate the music and lighting to perfectly match your event, personality, and venue. We believe in doing things right the first time.


We have been providing professional DJ/KJ services for singers and audiences for the past 15 years at private and public events. Karaoke has been becoming more and more populate to incorporate in Birthday parties and corporate events for all ages. On top of the already mentioned events, we commonly play at local club houses, bars and restaurants. We use top of the line live amplification equipment so that your voice sounds as good as the professional….well, almost 😉. What separates our KJs from others, is not only our equipment but, we can also spin dance music so that there are no awkward silences. We can transition from dance to karaoke singing seamlessly without missing a beat. Our team strives to make your event a success and unforgettable experience. Just like all of our events, we work with you to ensure that we cater to your event and always have the most recent karaoke and music on hand.


Add a splash of color to your event. Dj By the Bay has a reputation for having the best lighting in the mobile industry. We offer a variety of effects, wash, custom monograms, string light and uplighting with a dynamic range of trussing or T-bar options. Basic lighting package is included with every DJ event. Lights are one of the key mood setters of any event. We customize your light show to match your event. By using advanced computer based DMX controllers, we can set the mood throughout the night. No random lights flashing while your bride or groom is giving that romantic speech of the night.


Our Video DJs offer the same high quality sound but, with added large screen projectors and or LCD/plasma options to view professional music videos and or performers


Check out some of our other services by clicking the the “OTHER SERVICES” text above or the By the Bay Productions logo at the bottom of the page. Some of our services include Photobooth, Full Audio Video, Sound Reinforcement, Shadow Lamps, and more!

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